Der Biergarten

If your ever looking for a place to eat in Atlanta, GA, you should consider Der Biergarten. It is a German restaurant, so you will be tasting different flavors and textures. They have a lot of things on the menu (the portions are big so I shared) like the jagerschnitzel which is a thin, breaded pork topped with mushroom gravy. The jagerschnitzel had a small salad and some kasespatzle (egg noodles, onions, emmentaler cheese). The kasespatzle was really good too. For dessert I shared the  apfelstrudel mit vanilleeist (apple strudel with ice cream). They have some of the best food I have ever tasted! I definitely suggest going there.

We went early, but considering it’s a bar, I have a feeling it gets crazy at night.


I give  Der Biergarten: 5 out of 5 chefs

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Barnes is one of the southern style barbecue restaurants in Savannah, Georgia. It is fast and it has good service. I think the food is really good. My favorite is the chicken fingers with a side of red rice. The chicken fingers are better than your average chicken finger. The chicken fingers are so tender with a delicious crispy breading covering it. The red rice has a lot of seasoning and bits of sausage in it. They also have salads, rotisserie chicken, burgers, and a lot more! My dad’s favorite macaroni and cheese is there too (pictured with the rotisserie chicken). So if you want a place to satisfy your stomach then, this is the place to go.


I give Barnes: 5 out of 5 chefs

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