My Birthday Dinner

I just had my 11th birthday. I got to choose what we had for dinner so my mom (a very good cook) made chicken Parmesan, ziti with marinara sauce, and salad. I loved it all. The chicken was tender with a savory and spicy marinara sauce on top, covered with cheese. The ziti was good. It was perfectly cooked. The salad was really good too. Organic lettuce with toppings galore. To finish off the meal, vanilla cake with chocolate frosting, from the Back In The Day cookbook. SO GOOD!

IMG_1656   IMG_1667

I give my mom’s meal for my birthday: 5 out of 5 chefs


Cooking Class with Chef Daren at the 700 Kitchen

Do you ever need to sharpen up your cooking skills? Well, I definitely suggest a cooking class with Chef Daren at the 700 Kitchen Cooking School. I took a class called Christmas Brunch. Although it is not usually meant for kids, they let me come with my mom. This class showed how to use a knife, how to crack eggs the right way, how to measure flour, and a bunch of other tips and tricks for cooking and hosting a party. Not only did Chef Daren teach tips and tricks, he taught us 5 recipes. The recipes were: ambrosia compote, corn & scallion muffins, savory grits souffle, eggs in a nest of creamy greens, and for dessert “banana pudding” crepes with warm Bailey’s toffee sauce. If you would like the recipes then you can take the class. There are other classes too, and they range from 75 to 100 dollars.

Thank you Chef Daren for such a great experience!

Go to their website for more!

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I give my experience: 5 out of 5 chefs