Sly’s Sliders and Fries

Sly’s Sliders and Fries is an excellent restaurant. They have a great location, it’s fast, and it’s good. Sly’s has many different sliders and hot dogs to choose from. And if you want to complete your meal, you should order it with fries.

The sliders are amazing. Especially my favorite one, Pain Don’t Hurt. Pain Don’t Hurt has juicy smoked brisket, jalapeno BBQ sauce, crispy fried onions, and pepper jack cheese. I would highly advise you to get this, if you do not mind some spice. The sliders vary from a falafel to a meatball slider to a Reuben.

The slider dogs are pretty darn good, but I prefer the regular sliders. My favorite slider dog is the mustard tiger, however I have not tried them all. It has mustard sauce, a fried egg, and American cheese. Some others include a chili dog, a nacho dog, and one with pulled pork on it!

The fries are amazing as well. They are on the thin and crispy side, which I like. They are seasoned well, but if you want to spice things up, you can add different toppings to the fries. These include chili, garlic sauce, and jalapenos.

Overall, there is lot to choose from. The combinations go on and on. You can keep going back and have a different thing every time. And every time you will leave with a smile on your face.

IMG_1214-1  IMG_1213  IMG_1216

I give Sly’s Sliders and Fries: 5 out of 5 chefs

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