Sly’s Sliders and Fries

Sly’s Sliders and Fries is an excellent restaurant. They have a great location, it’s fast, and it’s good. Sly’s has many different sliders and hot dogs to choose from. And if you want to complete your meal, you should order it with fries.

The sliders are amazing. Especially my favorite one, Pain Don’t Hurt. Pain Don’t Hurt has juicy smoked brisket, jalapeno BBQ sauce, crispy fried onions, and pepper jack cheese. I would highly advise you to get this, if you do not mind some spice. The sliders vary from a falafel to a meatball slider to a Reuben.

The slider dogs are pretty darn good, but I prefer the regular sliders. My favorite slider dog is the mustard tiger, however I have not tried them all. It has mustard sauce, a fried egg, and American cheese. Some others include a chili dog, a nacho dog, and one with pulled pork on it!

The fries are amazing as well. They are on the thin and crispy side, which I like. They are seasoned well, but if you want to spice things up, you can add different toppings to the fries. These include chili, garlic sauce, and jalapenos.

Overall, there is lot to choose from. The combinations go on and on. You can keep going back and have a different thing every time. And every time you will leave with a smile on your face.

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I give Sly’s Sliders and Fries: 5 out of 5 chefs

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Chicken Salad Chick

A new and already popular restaurant, Chicken Salad Chick, is definitely a go-to restaurant. If you like chicken salad, you will NOT have a problem finding something to eat here. With 15 different kinds of chicken salad, you will have a hard time not liking this place.

The chicken salads are so delicious you just want to gobble them down. The chicken is really tender so it just makes the chicken salads a whole lot better. All of the different kinds of chicken salads just “work”. I have tried the Dixie Chick, Olivia’s Old South, Nutty Nana, and Jazzy Julie. They were all so good. You can get these chicken salads in a sandwich, with crackers, and with a side. There are many different combinations of chicken salads, sides, and soups. Some of them even come with a cookie of the day.

The sides are almost as good as the actual chicken salads. The pasta salad is my personal favorite. They also have this dessert type side that is made from grapes with sweet cream cheese and brown sugar. It is a little too sweet for me. Others include broccoli salad and fresh fruit.

Don’t like chicken salad? There is also pimento cheese and deli sandwiches. Not what they are known for but still good. The service is really fast so you wont have a problem if you are in a rush.

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I give Chicken Salad Chick: 5 out of 5 chefs

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Green Truck Pub

I have been meaning to write a review of this restaurant because it is one of my favorite restaurants in Savannah. I am a big burger person, so if you are anything like me, you will LOVE this place. Green Truck Pub has many different burgers to choose from. My personal favorite being the El Jefe (Cheddar, black bean and corn salsa, avocado and jalapeños). Everything is just perfect in that burger. They also have everything from a burger with goat cheese, balsamic caramelized onions, roasted red peppers and fresh basil on top to a burger with cheddar cheese, bacon, and a fried egg on top. Not only are the burgers out of this world, they are all made from grass-fed all natural, hormone free, beef from Hunter Cattle Company.

Not in the mood for a burger, you can substitute any beef patty with chicken or a veggie burger (home-made). They also have a range of sandwiches. I have never had a sandwich but I have heard they are good (but I would still stick with the AWESOME burgers). If you would like a lighter choice they have salads too.

Well you’ve got your burger, now all you need is a really good side to top it off. Well, Green Truck Pub makes AMAZING fries. You have no idea until you’ve tried them. They are so good. If you want a lighter choice you can get the cole slaw but really, once you see your friends getting these amazing fries you will feel guilty. They make their own ketchup so that makes the experience even better. Some people don’t like it, but I think it is great!

Now the portions are pretty big, so don’t go on an empty stomach. Also, if you come late, you will have to wait in a long line, so try and come as early as possible.

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I give Green Truck: 5 out of 5 chefs

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Cahill’s Chicken Kitchen

My family was looking for a restaurant to eat dinner, so we stopped at Cahill’s Chicken Kitchen. They have a farm by the parking lot where they get lots of their produce. When you walk in you enter a little market. It is has a ton of different stuff from fresh produce to bacon cheddar cheese. Then when you are done looking at the things in the market, you can seat yourself and wait for a waiter. When you first look at the menu, you can already tell that it is going to be hard to choose what you want. They have tons of things. Every day they change the menu. So you will want to try different things the next time you come. Except the fried chicken is there every day. I got the kid’s fried chicken which has two chicken legs and two sides. For my sides I got butter beans and red rice. They are so good. Cahill’s has so many sides! It is really hard to choose from. Luckily, you can get four sides as your meal. That is what my mom got.

For dessert they have homemade ice cream, cobbler, and more! My sister and brother got the cookies and cream ice cream and my dad, mother, and I got the apple cobbler. It comes out warm and is served with ice cream on top. It was so delicious. Probably the best cobbler I’ve ever had.

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I give Cahill’s Chicken Kitchen: 5 out of 5 chefs

Pie Society

Have you ever been to Britain and tried their pie? Not the dessert pie, pies like pot pies, or in this case Britain pie. Well, you don’t have to go to England to have them. You can just go to Pie Society!

Pie Society serves pie, the British way, pastry items, and desserts. I had the beef and potato pie. To start it off, the warm crust is heavenly. The beef is so tender and juicy. The potatoes are great. The only thing that would have made this better was a dessert. Well my family did get a dessert, (to eat for later) the apple pie. It is very good (even if it is cold, but I prefer it warm). It tastes like normal apple pie with an upgrade of greatness.

There is one problem though. Pie Society  has limited seating. The restaurant only holds around 10 people so don’t bring all your friends at once. Otherwise, I would definitely recommend it!

I give Pie Society: 5 out of 5 chefs

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Brick House

If you feel like eating something crazy, you should eat at Brick House! This new restaurant has everything from Collard Green/peanut butter cheesecake with candied bacon crust to a MoonPie burger with candied bacon! Those are just some of the strange dishes. When I went there, I got the bulldog burger. It has fried caramelized  onions on it, homemade hot sauce, and cheese. If that doesn’t sound good to you then I don’t know what does! My brother and sister both got the MoonPie burger. It uses MoonPies as buns and it has candied bacon on it.

You might think this restaurants has really unhealthy dishes, and you are right. But, there are some healthier options. Like you can substitute chicken for a burger. Or you could order the veggie burger or a salad.

The Brick House also has sauces at your table. Our waiter was very helpful and described them to me. I tried six, from the creamy sauces to the barbecue sauces to the vinegar based sauces. The heat of the different sauces got me in different ways- as soon as it touched my mouth, during the whole bite, or my favorite (the Kansas City style barbecue sauce) with the spice way at the end. Don’t miss that sauce!

Also, if you are a big eater, you can try their challenge! You have to eat a burger in 45 minutes and the burger contains:

  • 1 lb. beef pattie
  • 1 smoked sausage
  • 1 lb pulled pork
  • scoop coleslaw
  • 1 pint mac ‘n’ cheese
  • stacked between two hoecakes

If you don’t finish it, you owe them $25.

(It is now closed)

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I give the brick house: 4 out of 5 chefs

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Bella’s Italian Cafe

Bella’s Italian Cafe is one of my favorite Italian restaurants in Savannah, GA. It is a cozy bistro style  restaurant. The waiters and waitresses are all very nice and know a lot about the menu. Bella’s has everything from pasta to sandwiches to salads to pizza, all authentic Italian. I got the chicken parmesan sandwich. It was really good. It has all the seasonings you would expect in a delicious chicken parmesan sandwich. I ate mine open faced because that is how I usually eat sandwiches, but you can eat it however you want. Bella’s also has tasty specials every night. I highly suggest going there.


I give Bella’s: 5 out of 5 chefs

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